Electrical Engineering

Electrical  services,  lighting  and  power,  High  Voltage/  Low  Voltage/Extra Low Voltage/(HV/LV)/ELV infrastructure and reticulation.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) Engineering

Air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation and refrigeration.

Hydraulics Engineering

Hydraulics design of water supply and waste-water systems within buildings, Infrastructure water supply systems, waste & soil water drainage systems and Sewerage Treatment Plant Design.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Infrastructure design and development including construction Supervision and Contract Administration.

Fire Protection Engineering

The  design  and  documentation  of  Fire  Life  Safety  Systems  including  the preparation of Fire Reports and Compliance Statements with local Authority Requirements and relevant International Standards.

Security & Surveillance Systems Engineering

The design/selection of security, surveillance and access control systems.

Automation & Control Systems Engineering

The design/selection, system integration of automation and control systems.

Transportation Services

The design/selection vertical transportation systems including escalators etc.

Information Technology

Telecommunications services, cabling Infrastructure, MATV, CCTV services.